Windows Server Systems Administration

The challenges of administering Windows Servers are many. First, there are the many different versions of Windows Server from 2003 to 2008 to 2012 with multiple service pack releases.

While each Window Server version installation should be at the most recent release there may be odd and obscure reasons why some servers are not. There are many obscure and arcane legacy applications that, while key to an organization, may have DLL conflicts with, say, the most recent mainstream Windows Server R2 release.

Second, as a Windows System Administrator, not only are you expected to know the OS inside and out, maintain performance and security, integrate Active Directory Services with every application throughout the organization – you’re also expected to know about every application that’s running on your Windows Servers. All of this is as it should be. This is the profession we have chosen.

On July 14, 2015, Windows Server 2003 will reach full End of Life. This real and immediate need may be a surprise to some and a calculated risk being ignored by some IT managers. Any Windows 2003 Servers that are outward facing, in a DMZ or have other means of access to/from the outside, could become a security risk as security patch updates will no longer be forthcoming from Microsoft.

Best practice dictates that obsolete Windows 2003 Servers should be upgraded to Windows 2008 R2, if not Windows 2012 R2 . Further, the applications currently running on the soon to be obsolete Windows 2003 Servers will need to be installed and tested to run on the new Windows Server platforms. To be sure, every little nuance that .Net, DCOM, COM, CORBA and various other application to server communication mechanisms that can go off the rails – will need to be updated, thoroughly tested and verified.

At Intersect Consulting, we can help. We are highly motivated and capable of freeing you and your expertly trained staff to focus on the core projects that are strategic priorities to driving your corporate growth and success; rather than the constraints of supporting Legacy Applications on Legacy Windows Servers.

Contact us at Intersect Consulting to discuss how we can help upgrade, test, validate and administer your Windows Server systems infrastructure for resilience, high availability, performance and security.