“We help improve your database system availability, operational reliability and efficiency; thereby increasing the satisfaction of your customer base.”

Database Administration Services – Silver

Whether yours is an Oracle®, SQL Server ™, MySQL or mixed database vendor shop – today’s database products are extremely powerful, feature rich and complex. Database vendors and third party developers alike provide robust software tools to make the administration of these complex database systems easier. Still, the effectiveness of any tool depends greatly on the expertise of the person(s) using them.

At Intersect Consulting, we have a deep understanding of relational databases, particularly the Oracle and SQL Server product sets. We are highly experienced in the configuration, operation, optimization and performance characteristics of these and other database products on a myriad of OS platforms. Whether using GUI tools such as Oracle’s Enterprise Manager Grid Control, SQL Server’s Enterprise Manager, Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager, native SQL Plus or SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or even command line using our own custom scripts and tools – we know what and where to look for potential problems. More importantly, we know the steps to take to mitigate issues early.

As a result, we help improve your database and application systems availability, operational reliability and efficiency; thereby increasing the satisfaction of your customer base.

We work just as effectively, whether in concert with your in-house technical staff or as your trusted information technology partner. We help maintain and improve the reliability, availability, recoverability and security of your production database and support environments.

Manage & Protect – Silver Database Support Features:

Targeted for clients whose needs are general database and server “care and feeding” in the range of 8 – 12 hours per week of Remote DBA support, our Silver Support package deliverables provide:

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  • An initial assessment of your database and server environment
  • Documented discoveries and recommendations for performance improvements
  • “Restoration Reliability Health Check” of Backup and Recovery processes with recommendations for improvement as necessary
  • Proactive Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) known to impact database and system uptime, availability, reliability and performance
  • Immediate response to Database Down condition
  • 12/7 Remote DBA Support Response
  • 24/7/365 Alert Notification
  • Patch Release Recommendation Support
  • Monthly status reporting of operational performance
  • Primary DB server support
  • Product Bug Resolution Support[/stextbox]

Single Instance, Multi-Node RAC or SQL Server Cluster – it doesn’t matter.

If your needs are to simply keep the databases Up and Available while performing within known and acceptable metrics for the business – this economical level of service is ideally suited for your needs.