Red Hat Linux Systems Administration

Whether it’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Oracle’s Unbreakable Red Hat Linux, at Intersect Consulting we know both the OS and the database component stack which it supports.

Red Hat Linux release 5, 6 and soon to be released 7 are solid, robust enterprise class Operating Systems – particularly the 64-bit releases. The Red Hat Linux distros are capable of delivering fault-tolerant multipath SAN data storage management, efficient network bonding for high data throughput, multi-core CPU and high performance shared memory management to name a few of the many features.

Coupled with dynamic tuning of many of its parameters, the OS is resilient in its ability to adapt to demanding workloads while maintaining high availability since many parameter changes don’t require a reboot.

The tight integration of Oracle with Red Hat Linux makes it a formidable work horse in delivering high volume OLTP and Data Warehouse processing in a single node or multi-node clustered environment.

Like many other OS’s Red Hat plays nicely with VMware providing a solid platform for multiple guest OS’s. Because Red Hat is a Tier 1 support OS for Oracle it is also tightly integrated with Oracle VM Server. Many Oracle product releases can be installed as pre-configured VM’s thereby dramatically shortening installation, configuration and provisioning of database instances.

Still, with all of this flexibility and reliability of the Red Hat OS it requires on-going maintenance for patch, security and kernel updates. Proactive Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – part of our cornerstone value-added services provided to all of our clients can help maintain your installation operating at peak performance.

Contact us at Intersect Consulting to discuss how we can help architect. administer, update and maintain your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems infrastructure with or without the Oracle database for resilience, high availability, performance and security.