Database Administration Services- Gold

Increasing demands for High Availability (HA) while ensuring Operating Systems, Databases and Application Software are patched to thwart the latest security threats – coupled with parallel needs to adapt to new business and market priorities, regulatory requirements and technology advances and upgrades – is a delicate balancing act.

We know, we understand, we live it!.

Our team of Oracle® and SQL Server™ database experts skilled in multiple Windows, Linux and UNIX OS’s, will help maintain and optimize your environment. Continuous Improvement of the operational availability, performance and recovery capabilities of your systems infrastructure is our goal.

Using proven configuration standards, best practice methods and procedures, we work with your team to provide Production, Test, User Acceptance and Development environments that are reliable, easily maintained, highly available, and optimized for performance.

Planned Growth & Performance – Gold Database Support Features:

Our Gold Service offering targets clients whose database and application needs are experiencing increased growth and complexity with critical performance and High Availability (HA) requirements; small window Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and tight Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Ranging from 16 -24 hours per week this service offering provides all of the features of our Silver “Manage & Protect” Service Package as well as :

  • Single Instance or Multi-Node Oracle RAC or SQL Server Cluster maintenance and configuration support
  • SQL Query Performance Tuning (e.g. Explain Plan, Hints, and other Advanced Techniques)
  • Schema Object Optimization (Tables, indexes)
  • Database Space Management (e.g. Fragmentation)
  • Database and OS Memory Structure Management, Tuning and Optimization
  • Planning, Configuration, Installation and Maintenance of Oracle Data Guard or SQL Server Log Shipping for Hot Standby
  • Database Capacity Planning
  • Systems Architecture Planning and Integration for High Availability

All with proactive 24/7/365 highly responsive monitoring and alert notification coupled with critical problem resolution.

Contact Intersect Consulting to discuss how we can help you achieve your Planned Growth and Performance objectives for your Oracle or SQL Server database environment.