HP-UX Systems Administration

HP-UX remains the proprietary UNIX Operating Systems on which many stalwart IT shops continue to rely and trust.

Surprisingly, there are still a number of HP-UX systems running on the old PA-RISC chip architecture even though it reached end of life in 2008. HP-UX 11i v3 continues to successfully exploit the capabilities of the Itanium 64-bit architecture with new regular upgrade releases. The high availability features provided by the HP ServiceGuard Cluster software helps maintain the trust of many IT managers in the reliability of this OS and hardware platform.

With the many different flavors of Linux and the feature richness of their commands, HP-UX can sometimes be a minor frustration. Entering bdf -h for the “human-readable” option, for example, only to receive an error rather than the nicely formatted output of the widely used Linux df -h disk command can be a bit irritating. The idiosyncrasies of the default Korn Shell (ksh) versus the more widely used Bourne Again SHell (bash) can also be the source of minor frustrations. The wide availability, however, of the many Open Source packages that have been ported to enhance and provide more Linux-like features on serve to solidify the position of this robust and reliable OS.

As with any OS, the critical tasks of backup, recovery, patching, security, performance monitoring and other OS maintenance task are required to keep it operating optimally.

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