ORACLE SOLARIS Systems Administration

Traditionally, Sun Solaris has been regarded as the premier industrial strength, high-performance, enterprise-level Unix Operating System. With the purchase by Oracle of Sun Systems in January of 2010, the now Oracle Solaris maintains that position with even greater strength. Oracle Solaris 9, 10 and now 11 are all engineered to work with the Oracle database and applications while benefiting from the OpenStack API’s.

Oracle Solaris with ZFS is ideal for managing storage to accommodate the ever increasing demands of Oracle and/or MySQL databases. ZFS Pooled storage drastically reduces the need for volume management allowing for the addition of data storage to file systems within the pool without the need for commands to configure the additional storage. The transactional architecture of ZFS provides for file system consistency similar to the manner in which Oracle can guarantee database consistency.

Oracle Solaris Zones with virtualization coupled with ZFS pooled storage management and Oracle 12c with pluggable container databases can provide a resilient and flexible infrastructure platform capable of handling the most demanding workloads.

Still, with all of these features and capabilities, the system configurations and administration is not magic. The planning, configuration, implementations and maintenance of this level of integrated systems components can be somewhat daunting – but you need not do this alone.

Contact us at Intersect Consulting to discuss how we can help provide some of the most experienced and seasoned Solaris consulting professionals in the business. We can help plan, configure, administer and maintain your Oracle Solaris systems infrastructure with or without the Oracle database for resilience, high availability, performance and security.