“Reduce the risk of operational interruptions while your organization undertakes the technology changes needed to support your growing business needs.”

Database Administration Services – Platinum

Today’s Information Systems are under a constant barrage of security threats and attacks. Everything from Secure Socket Layer (SSL) bugs to buffer overflow exposures to Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. All of these potential security exposures must be assessed and addressed.

Regular operating systems updates, security patches and upgrades are a fact of life for systems and database administrators. Often times, patches and updates require a reboot of the OS, signaling downtime for the database and applications. Best Practice for production environments dictates that patches and upgrades are tested and that there is a rollback plan in place – just in case.

These discordant directives to provide the most secure, up-to-date systems, database and applications environment while maintaining a 24/7 Highly Available infrastructure are as challenging as they are contradictory.

Maximum Availability Architectures can address these disparate objectives. But, careful planning, enterprise-level systems integration coupled with Virtual Machine (VM), database failover / failback and other techniques are required to flexibly achieve planned system updates and upgrades while maintaining rigorous uptime requirements. We call it Rigorous Resiliency℠.

Maximum Availability Architecture – Platinum Database Support Features:

Targeted for clients whose needs include the design and implementation of new or the support of existing Highly Available (HA) systems environments; our Platinum Support Service offering provides senior level consulting with deep experience in best practice processes and technological tools to address your most challenging projects.

With a mix of onsite and remote support, customized to suit your needs, Rigorous Resiliency℠   characterizes our Platinum “Maximum Availability Architecture” Support Service offering:


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  • Install, Configure, add Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) nodes
  • Install, Configure, manage and monitor of Oracle Data Guard Standby Database(s)
  • Multi – OS cross-platform support including Windows Server, Linux and Unix
  • Install, Configure, manage and monitor SQL Server Cluster Nodes and Services
  • Configure and monitor SQL Server Log Shipping for Standby Database
  • Perform Capacity Planning for growth of Primary and Standby databases
  • Perform Database Failover / Failback exercises
  • Disaster Recovery Planning, Testing and Implementation assistance
  • Assist in Planning and Testing Coordinated Application & Database Fail-Over/Fail-Back
  • Installing, Configuring, Monitoring, Performance Tuning of Databases in VM
  • Perform Database Security Access Control review[/stextbox]
 The first step in Achieving High Availability is to Plan and Design for High Availability.”