“Even the most pedestrian of today’s sites demand 24/7 uptime. High Availability (HA) is the norm.”

Database Administration Services – Remote and On-Site

In the early days of strictly on-premise information systems, 12 to 16 hours a day and 5 to 6 days per week of systems uptime availability was sufficient. Even the banks had the weekend for downtime maintenance and big job processing. But those days have long since passed. Today, even the most pedestrian of operations and web sites demand 24/7 uptime. High Availability (HA) is the norm. If you’re not up, you’re losing money, customers and credibility.

Technologies such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), SQL Server Clusters, MySQL Replication and VMware – to name a few – are ubiquitous system architectures that can achieve these levels of high availability service.

Many small and medium-sized companies often lack the need or budget for full-time staffing of the highly skilled and experienced technical resources necessary to plan, configure, implement and maintain these technologies. Selecting the appropriate systems solutions (e.g. not everyone needs Oracle Enterprise Edition or Oracle Cloud Services) to meet their unique business operations and customer needs is key.

Companies aspiring to achieve and maintain 24/7 high availability are faced with shrinking or non-existent maintenance windows coupled with the incongruent requirements of applying the latest kernel, system or database updates, security patches or bug fixes which can often require a reboot.

Achieving these complex and discordant requirements doesn’t happen by magic. Technically knowledgeable, experienced professionals in Database Administration, Systems Administration, Capacity Planning and Systems Integration Assessment and Planning are required.

The added value of our rigorous approach is that the same Business Impact Analysis (BIA) deliverable for achieving High Availability (HA) can most often be used as a basis for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning and implementation.

Our Remote Database Administration (Remote DBA) model provides scalable and economical alternatives to meet the unique needs of our clients. Why pay for full-time Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL Database Administration support when what you need is expert handling of:

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  • System and Database Maintenance Events – Security Patches and Bug Fixes
  • Proactive Tuning, Adjustment of database performance related parameters
  • Proactive Response & Resolution to out-of-tolerance Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Perform Rolling Upgrades with minimal or no outage to your customers or operations
  • Verification that your Backups are Completing Successfully and that they are Restorable [/stextbox]

Whether your needs require part-time support as your Virtual Information Technology Team or augmented support as an integral part of your existing in-house IT organization – Intersect Consulting can provide effective and economical solutions for your Oracle® ,SQL Server™ and MySQL database and systems environments.

Our packaged and custom On-Site and Remote DBA support services are designed to be flexible in addressing your unique business and database technology needs, whether they are in the realm of:

In addition to Database Administration, our Systems Administration Services provide support for the tightly coupled OS’s on which the databases reside. The critical administration of Security, CPU, Memory, local and SAN Storage, package management and process monitoring along with a host (pun intended) of other services to keep your OS’s running at peak performance are the focus of SysAdmin professional services.